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The Aidan Project

May 30, 2017

Theresa May called an early election in an attempt to shore up support for her government’s position on Britain’s exit from the European Union. But where do the parties stand on this issue? Or on social issues? Voter apathy is alarming, but this is often the result not simply of an absence of interest in politics, but because of the confusion inherent in the abundance of mass political coverage across the various media platforms. The news outlets produce endless political news content, but how does one keep track of which party stands for which policy? Indeed, much of the coverage tends to be on the embarrassing gaffes and the way in which a candidate eats their chips or bacon sandwich, rather than the important policies themselves. Ahead of the June 8 United Kingdom General Election, this episode features a simple, non-partisan, rundown of the manifestos, along with an explanation of the election terms you may not understand but were simply too afraid to ask. Aidan also looks at the latest polling numbers and summarises the results of the 2015 election. Look out soon for a further pre-election episode, when Aidan will be joined by journalist, podcaster and activist, Joshua Thomas, to answer your questions and to examine the latest developments within the election narrative. Aidan will also be back on the day after the election, June 9, with thoughts on the results and what it means for the United Kingdom. Aidan is on Twitter (, Facebook (, or visit his web site at If you found this election guide useful, please share it. Knowledge is power, after all.