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The Aidan Project

Feb 7, 2017

In this edition of The Aidan Project Podcast, Aidan is joined by documentary filmmaker, Frances Harper, alongside Richard Payne, to discuss Holocaust denial. The famous libel trial of David Irving v Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt was recently brought to the silver screen. The trial is noted for the utter destruction of Irving, featuring an uncompromisingly brutal assessment of his dishonesty by the trial judge. Away from this court battle – which Irving himself took to trial, having taken umbrage at the book, 'Denying the Holocaust', which painted him as a dangerous Holocaust denier - is there any limit that society should place on free speech? What can be made of German law, whereby Holocaust denial is a criminal offence? Is the best way of defeating a bad idea to suppress it or engage it? Are some claims too obscene to be allowed in public discourse? Following a short review of the film, these questions are explored and debated.