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The Aidan Project

Feb 27, 2017

On this edition of The Aidan Project, Aidan is joined on the line from Oregon by Jared Miracle, a cultural entomologist with an M.Ed. and a PhD. in anthropology from Texas A&M University to discuss transnational culture. Where did tea really originate from? Or the bow and arrow? Or Pokémon? Probably not from where you may have assumed. In this episode, Aidan and Jared discuss cultural phenomena, homing in on the case of Pokémon, of which Jared is the world’s leading scholar. Aidan and Jared also discuss the fascinating characteristics of Japanese culture more generally. Also discussed on the show is violence in society, delayed human adaption to modern technology, and much more. Jared is an author, educator, researcher, martial artist, chef, and much else besides. Definitely a fun show to share with your friends to get them hooked on The Aidan Project! You can follow Jared on Facebook ( and Twitter (@DocKungFu).