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The Aidan Project

Mar 24, 2017

In this edition of The Aidan Project, Aidan is joined on the line from Florida by acclaimed authors, husband-and-wife, Gerald and Trisha Posner. The Posners have an impeccable body of work behind them; this episode draws upon their work on the Holocaust, including the role of the Vatican in working with the Third Reich for financial gain. Trisha’s most recent book is The Pharmacist of Auschwitz, which tells the little known story of Victor Capesius, who worked alongside Josef Mengele at the infamous death camp as its chief pharmacist. The San Francisco Book Review wrote that "words cannot even properly describe the devastation that unfolds within these pages." Gerald’s most recent book, God’s Bankers, is the result of nine years of extensive research. The book was described by The New York Times as "an exhaustive history of the financial machinations at the center of the church in extraordinarily intricate tale of intrigue, corruption and organized criminality." For more information on these fantastic authors, you can find Trisha online at, and Gerald at Their books are widely available in book stores and online at Amazon.